The International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration vol 1 no 10 – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – ISSN 1849-5664 (Online) – ISSN 1849-5419 (Print)


Content Authors

Stress Testing of Retail and Corporate Segments of Russian Credit Market

Alexander M. Karminsky, Oleg S. Kozlov Pdf 
Prospects of Saving Mobilization in Underserved Settlements of the City of Colombo D.P.S. Chandrakumara Pdf
Informality, Inclusiveness and Economic Growth in Nigeria Mohammed Yelwa, S.A.J. Obansa & Awe, Emmanuel Omonoyi Pdf
Impact of Microfinance Institutions on Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries Fwamba Rashid, Matete John, Nasimiyu Consolatta, Sungwacha Stephen Pdf 
Positioning Nigeria for Global Competitiveness in The 21st Century: the Policy Imperatives Geff Okereafor, Bashir Muyiwa Ogungbangbe, Aham Anyanwu Pdf
 Revising Students’ Decision-making Process  Sanaz Farjam, Xu Hongyi Pdf