The International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration vol 1 no 11 – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – ISSN 1849-5664 (Online) – ISSN 1849-5419 (Print)


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Effects of Brand Quality, Brand Prestige on Brand Purchase Intention of Mobile Phone Brands: Empirical
Assessment from Kenya

Josphine Chepchirchir, Mark Leting Pdf 
3D-Model of Personnel Innovative Competencies of Self-Developing, Self-Organizing Systems Andrunik Andrey Pdf
Innovation in the Enterprise: Market Orientation as an Important Factor towards Product Innovation Fernando Nelson Villaverde Chavez, Zhao YuLin Pdf
The Impact of Oil and Gold Prices on the GDP Growth: Empirical Evidence from a Developing Country Haroon ur Rashid Khan Pdf 
New Trends in the Regional Development Miroslaw Przygoda Pdf
Using Management Information Systems (MIS) to Boost Corporate Performance  Al-Nakib Noofal Ahmed Mohsen Mohammed, Wang Hu Pdf