International Journal Of Innovation And Economic Development VOL 1 NO 1 – ISSN 1849-7020 (PRINT) – ISSN 1849-7551 (ONLINE)


Content Authors

German foreign trade surpluses –  a problem for the European Monetary Union?

Dr. Gerhard Feldmeier Pdf 146 KB

Market orientation and innovation: A review of literature

Alshahry Abdullah saeed A, Wang Aimin Pdf 176 KB

What determines the allowance of bank loans for investment – an overview of Kosovo SMEs

Florin Peci Pdf 219 KB

Enhancing university – industry collaboration: What are the drivers of academic researchers’ involvement in industry?

Mostak Ahamed Galib, Kamrun Nahar Munny, Akmal Khudaykulov Pdf 498 KB

Contribution Analysis of ICT (New Generation Network) Investment for Agriculture In Uzbekistan

Tursun Shodiev, QiJu Zhu Pdf 156 KB

Factors influencing e-commerce development: Implications for the developing countries

Christian Mbayo KabangoAsa Romeo Asa Pdf 156 KB

Inclusion of disabled people in microfinance institutions: Where does Bangladesh stand?

Debashis Sarker Pdf 156 KB

The effects of social capital on team performance: A study of RD departments in Uzbekistan

Akmal Hudaykulov, Xu Hongyi Pdf 156 KB