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Contemporary Journal of Economics and Finance

Contemporary Journal of Economics and Finance(CJEF) is an open-access, double-blind review academic journal. Although the focus area of the journal includes: monetary economics, financial economics, international economics, and public finance, it is also possible to accept high-quality manuscripts from any other field of modern economics. Contemporary Journal of Economics and Finance publishes sophisticated theoretical and empirical research in economics, accounting, management, and finance. We warmly welcome empirically-oriented studies, but no advanced article in theoretical nature contributing to the aim of the journal will be excluded. Researchers from a wide range of areas, such as policymakers, financial officers/consultants, economists from public/private sectors, academic staff, and university students can send their papers to the CJEF. As a rule, papers underlining weighty and relevant topics having global importance are the priority. The journal contains research on the various issues of economics, banking, financing, management, and accounting. In addition, manuscripts based on an interdisciplinary approach are also encouraged. To be successful, the manuscripts should meet the scope and make a significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge.

– Asset management,

– Derivatives and financial management,

– Risk management,

– Investments and alternative investments,

– Long term financing,

– Small and medium-sized enterprises,

– Entrepreneurial finance,

– Venture capital and private equity.

Financial Markets:

– Asset pricing,

– Equity, fixed income and credit markets, traded commodities,

– Financial products and services,

– Financial market efficiency and behavioral inefficiencies,

– Capital market structure and information processing,

– Financial risk and stability,

– Financial econometrics.


– Financial markets and economic growth,

– Technology, innovation, and growth,

– International finance and foreign exchange markets,

– Financial markets and monetary economics,

– Applied econometrics.