The International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration vol 1 no 6-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – ISSN 1849-5664 (Online) – ISSN 1849-5419 (Print)



The Inclusion of Academicians into the Industry Sector in Bangladesh: A Model of Industry Engagement and Effective Innovation Performance

Mostak Ahamed Galib, Kamrun Nahar MunnyPdf
Human Capital Management: Taking Human Resources Management to the Next Level in Anglophone, West AfricaEnyonam Canice Kudonoo,Victoria TsedzahPdf
Characteristics and Critical Success Factors Prioritization of MSMEs in African Agribusiness: A Case of DR. CongoMbayo Kabango ChristianPdf
Leadership Traits and Business Sustainability in Ugandan SMEs: A Qualitative AnalysisSamuel Sejjaaka, Rachel Mindra, Isa NserekoPdf
Impact of Goal Orientation Theory on Social Capital: The Implications for Effective Team Cooperation in Uzbekistan Textile IndustryAkmal Hudaykulov, Xu Hongyi, Mostak Ahamed GalibPdf
Quality of Life as a Determinant of Poland Citizens ProsperityMarian Woźniak, Leszek Woźniak, Maciej Chrzanowski, Grzegorz OstaszPdf
An Assessment of Energy Consumption and Price Responsiveness: Evidence from Dominican RepublicJose Antonio Hernandez, Camilo KochPdf 
A Performance Analysis of Nigerian Tax Objectives Actualization: Evidence of 2000 – 2012Ordu, Promise A. and Anele, Clement A.Pdf 
Market Orientation Impact on Radical and Incremental Marketing Innovation: A Study of Saudi Arabia Hospital Marketing EffortsAlshahry Abdullah saeed A, Wang AiminPdf
Variance Decomposition of Emissions, FDI, Growth and Imports in GCC countries: A Macroeconomic AnalysisAhmed SaddamPdf