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COVID Effect onto the Corporate Project Work


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International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration

Volume 7, Issue 6, September 2021, Pages 16-24

COVID Effect onto the Corporate Project Work

DOI: 10.18775/ijmsba.1849-5664-5419.2014.76.1002  
URL: https://doi.org/10.18775/ijmsba.1849-5664-5419.2014.76.1002 

Zsolt Barna

 Ph.D. Doctoral faculty of Economic & Regional Sciences at University MATE, Hungary

Abstract: The timeliness of the topic the domestic companies in more waves afflicting, the treatment of a situation took shape because of COVID gets it, which brought fundamental changes in the companies’ daily function and the execution of his plans.

I would like to detail the times before COVID in my lecture onto a typical corporate management situation, with a strange look onto the processes of the projects, and onto the informatics solutions being attached to this functionally, his role in the accomplishment of the daily tasks.

Tightly here owing question, that in the consecutive epidemic waves the treatment of this area, how the insurance of the function occurred, in what changed, developed. In this determining element, it is, that the project to be examined with a how important classification in the given company’s life, how much it felt lifted one in this situation.

The other important part of the mentioned decision is that the resources insured till then, let it be the material, technical or human condition, onto acting in the future you are for a chin neither, you are in a measure reduced possibly, ergo this may mean the change of the tasks, adjourning the fulfillment of the given milestones.

The epidemic took shape on the hook of his treatment The validation of various safety regulations poses a serious task to the companies, which one not only the protection of the human resources but reports the information safety.

To this suitable and onto enough informatics toolbars and it operator onto staff they need, for who a heavier task waits likewise, some, that characteristically on the same one combination and size apparatus makes it the informatics systems attached to the company’s daily, normal function, the operating of equipment.

Additional strategic questions arise besides this with the company’s function relatedly, which influence they have onto the fate of projects, the change of their content and their hierarchy. The characteristically portfolio management in a system treated, there are project tasks to be realized under realization in slipping on first stairs developed based on the justification already.

The safe working and the IT because of the bars of supporting systems, they go through a natural deceleration, since the project staff himself amounts to the epidemic provided it to dangers.

The summary can be related, that where the character of the organizational culture or the tasks demanded a more informatics base early already, those administrative project devices, the systems, clouds support the execution, well in the future there, mainly if the so-far site is not attached to by the character of realization inevitably.

Where and in as much the on-line space not anymore enough, the corporate classification will decide it there because the personal presence, supervision or environment are necessary, that from the disadvantage following from this, what allows the the project task and where that border, where the fulfilment of this gets into fundamental.

Keywords: Company, Epidemic Situation, Project, Online working, Digitalization.

COVID Effect onto the Corporate Project Work

1. Introduction 

The Projects Generally

The activity himself complex, since the specialty affected directly is not only his participant but – according to different viewpoints – the company influences his organization’s function. This fact carries alone the exposure and the sensitivity in the successful execution of the task.

The projects accepting, portfolio management’s side treatment milestone, because putting the resources onto a provision and the departure are complex tasks themselves. The bureaucracy, the habits, processes, relations influence it, in case of disturbance the wide-ranging involvement (too) consensus pendant. The multilevel decision mechanism is typical of big company projects.

The informality of being attached to the company’s scope of activity, his importance influences his acceptance and his starting fundamentally.

Claims a preparation because of the complexity of making resources available and the informatics, the digitalization receives an emphasized role in all cases. Characteristically the company’s efficiency prerequisite for the grounds of any projects, withdrawn if it favors the order of the head activity directly and his condition for the company’s survival.

Corporate project management is attached to this topic which in many cases is his host for that framework, which one furthers it for the organization – following the weighting of the projects – the preparation of the decisions.

The classic portfolio management process begins with the claim sending, the basis of which the presentation of the concept is (business case), then the examination of adjusting to the strategic objective, which decides the opportunities of the realization in many cases.

The product meaning the content of the project at the time of the examination of the introduction, you are calibrating a service in a first row based on him adjusting to the business activity happens. Still, the legal one is added to this yet, the examination of safety, data protection, and other suitability viewpoints.

Technical viewpoints are affecting realization, complexity, and resource the essential element of a need, an economic examination for the review process, which tries to appreciate the income from sales and the investment one and operational costs beside this. The decision the business return calculation, working up KPI helps it concerned, that – in case of a decision – can be measured let him be following the fruition.

The Period Before COVID

In the case of short-range planning, which one – the modern economy based on thinking – inside the year fulfillment, realization means his time interval, in the form which understood with resources, well defined during business and the started projects ended with successful execution good characteristically.

Long-term planning – I mean typically beyond year fruition – was already with his occasion the exposure in the function of the expected business results.

In case of failure or with the withdrawal of newer resources which stopped, perfect characteristically great emission the end of the process.

We may ask the question, what the business environment, in which Hungary was active before COVID,

Well, characteristically good, the deceleration was visible on an international level though and the motor industry having big significance in the domestic emission just large-scale one before a transformation/ in a phase yes.

This did not mean it however close to the full halt merely states, since there was not a situation like this on the time of the 2008 monetary crisis, which experiences it would have paid attention to the spontaneous treatment of troubles with a character like this for the companies.

Yet the in 2010 published, Poór professor’s Management counsel handbook hallmarked with a professor’s name puts it up as a question, what the organizational culture has something to do with the project ability? How can the success of all projects in an organization be effectively influenced in the long run? From this we may see that fundamental questions occur to the happy days of peace with the projects, they his successfulness in a context the problems of the companies’ daily function, his insecurities.

So, the topic quasi continuously current.

Not talking about it, that in most cases onto a project team comprising of characteristically his work, his scope of activities beside it, Hungarian his daily tasks get the invitation, an instruction for the participation, so as a surplus task appear the successful execution

2. The First Wave of the Epidemic

Everybody remembers it surely, that February 2020. negotiations were beginning on his end in the union’s leadership and, in March the first infected one registered on four at home. Our homeland is exposed to direct economic effects, which influence its function fundamentally, Like this the inland one, the EU one – and mainly for the global companies – to the world’s economic circulation.

The appearance of the virus affects the companies in a different form, in considering of the join points it supply-chain. The import looking at the satisfaction of a need – substances, devices, technology – the halting supply turned into a soon visible one. The exports onto an activity – the deceleration of realization – income the feature decreased, falling out.

The safe function turned into a basic thesis in the case of the effects influencing the organizational function – safe working, which defined the companies’ daily, operative duty fundamentally.

The small enterprises were able to react other way totally till then while the great company sector was able to put itself through definite difficulties easily characteristically.

In the different sectors the well-prospering firms, with which regulated organization which can be permeated more easily, diversified with an activity and an IT support with a larger degree is at your disposal, the situation was able to be stabilized quickly there.

These the soon mounted crisis staffs, the fast measures were the typical ones in his case and the free sources made the execution of the measures possible, helped the income the compensation of falling out and it gives-how to developments provided efficacious support.

The continuous control provided an opportunity for having a hold on the situation, though.

For the small enterprises sector already narrower, to the character of the completed activity, the opportunities were truthful. In the function of the role, he played in the economy dubious the immediate one proceeding, like this characteristically more modest the margin in the look of the resources. Clear areas the orders directly affected it, forced into a total halt; the determining one was loss production so.

The epidemic linked to a halt caused by the companies’ undertakings’ incomes tightly his establishment (Poór, 2021 p25.)

In generality can be related, that the first wave of the epidemic brought the undermentioned features into the companies’ daily life:

  • the reality of the fulfillment of original plans changed
  • severe safety measures took effect
  • the decay of corporate performances, bad liquidity
  • pushed the importance of tasks which not pushed
  • the opportunities of the launch of projects changed
  • investments the problem of his procession, personal presence
  • related purchases – the changing of pledge times
  • practical realization – the changing of pledge times (specialist, ill. staff deficiency)
  • COVID II and III his conceptual opportunity

The HR being attached to this period research establishes it, that in this situation competence like that we need a supply, that the took shape conforms to conditions, opportunities. This is merely a career shock, for which one inference they may be different on a short or long distance.

Is a fact, that the first wave of the crown virus was observable at several companies, that the operation of the processes digitalized theoretically smooth then, if somewhere in the process yet paper basis you are from the digitalized process are stepping out. These circumstances are fundamentally influencing the project’s enforcement. The digitalization tasks adapting an express and safe the item furthered the firms adapting to new conditions.

The firms who worked with advanced informatics solutions already, – and all of them acted material, all with technological sources, with bases, – they were able to adapt to the new circumstances much more easily there. The COVID-19 sped up the process of digitalization significantly, which one from the companies’ part required modern, adaptive, and safe solutions.

3. Methodology

 My own Experiences in the Questionable Period

My then commissions brought it so, that on different tasks with a project character work the first one and in second wave, some, that even the concerned economic organization was other on all of them from a viewpoint.

I was interim at a big company making a logistic activity of transportation with a stock exchange entry while it is first in a wave project manager, my second carcass understands in the tie of a company dealing with services in a state property already till then.

A lot were a difference in connection with the proprietary combination and the head activity in the response already, it together, that – through big companies – similar methods were applied to the period after the crisis for the company’s functioning ability his happening conservation. squarely everything covered, that not let them collapse you are just apart, let it be the any kind of area of the resource management.

My project work made in the first wave it supply-chain an important logistic area of transportation representing his element linked to his function. The task – the operative headmaster’s work directly helper – his optimal utilization summoned into four head staffs, which are the stocks of vehicle, and the safe running of technical viewpoints in conformity with reported was meant on a daily level to check.

The epidemic direct foreigner and inland exposure brought for since the customers’ determining part was motor works or a car industry supplier being connected to these tightly, like this the limitation of moving between the countries, the factories’ partial or total closure forced the complete fleet into a stop practically.

The problem of the more thousand drivers with a human character was connected to this tightly, with what for these employees – his bulk not union citizens being – him getting home caused a deeper problem already and, it was necessary to annul the vehicle fleet with this time onto the base.

Organized well through a big company, – though the activity ceased totally quasi – but the company set up own Operative tribe, which reacted with immediate measures, promptly.

Following the ordering of the safe working the situation serious staff numbers brought a cutback, the project tasks ceased concerned.

The firm conforming to the new conditions, to tried stabilizing its financial position, that can ensure the basis function, let HR prepare itself for the new period laterally then. The selection of the projects works similarly, only in the direct, production process affected is going keep moving

It anyway in the case of a big company under structures the planned one 30% fleet reduction 50% exalted, the aim of which the company the correction of rentability, the epidemic gave the quick end of a crisis getting ready with this onto a delegating running-in period, as we see it on the undermentioned figure.

My second carcass understands at a state company dealing with services away, in which larger part in an inland, minor part foreigner exposure endured. The head activity was rearranged into the direction of the on-line space, but the traffic decreased, with what – direct retail pursuit – affected was with the changing of the rules concerning the shops’ opening hours.

The operative tribe was set up here and brought his necessary measures, which ordered the safe working and slowed the accomplishment of project tasks down. Prepared it with the help of the corporate control shirt and his collaboration and he had his new target figures approved and moved conforming to these keep moving. The head activity focused on his financial position continuously, – if lower, but – sure HR took measures with a saving character.

The direct producer pointing into the direction of the online space developments attached to activities came into the foreground.

4. Discussion

Visible, this different critical periods between the features of the large company projects classified already it, that

  • we stopped and what it is necessary to make
  • you are because of his character, serves the insurance of the fundamental function the changed between circumstances so, for example, the redevelopment in the process, you are VPN and the purchase of the portable devices, because of his importance, the extension of the opportunity of online contact keeping

The actual effects of the waves of the epidemic compelled the companies to be dealt with new the importance of the project, his basis, that

  • Head activity you are supporting neither – economic question
  • Examining the opportunity of a technical modification, squarely can be stopped or neither, what causes more damage if he ceases, or if he goes on
  • Let it be ready resources requirements correcting, all financial, all according to technical viewpoints, e. IT the reconsideration of claims

In the mirror of this changed the project portfolio due to COVID, because the aim, the corporate one is functioning his insurance, the new business plans followed this already so – even in more variants – but until all of them onto the function and rentability focusing.

The projects developments producing a direct profit not only supporting the head activity already in the look of his totality come into the foreground but the informatics, human developments furthering the insurance of the function.

The importance of the continuous situation evaluation, the reacting ability, the angled elements of the fast, operative measures are, stepped forward. The confidence in the opportunity of his gaining, the resumption, the stabilization already uniform vision, since it may not be who waits for the departure in a bad state in fact there the start. Diversified with proper care in case of an activity there are enough areas to keep of the balance.

The resources standing for a provision fundamental condition, let him be the material one, technical one, human one. Got between the today’s keywords so – beside the financial and technological devices – the informatics solutions, the suitable usage of the digitalization, since the on-line space was the work, the real environment of the accomplishment of the tasks in many cases, the human resource at which the service ability of this is appears as a serious item in the organizational function so.

The knowledge management and staff development title in a similar chapter thoughts legible Poór professor human resource in management’s handbook, where he calls the attention to the future significance of the usage of the digital technologies.

As an element which cannot be neglected applied relation turning up already with the suppliers, contractual partners in my own environment reinterpreting.

Here not too I think about the contacts turning up already or contracts being interpreted as something else. Two fundamental obstacles got into the floodlight. One is when the supplier himself is not able to carry a load or to do the tasks that he undertook earlier. You are because of that because the transport, it supply-chain the fulfillment was in danger because of his problems, you are the human one laterally problem, which keeps the accomplishment of the work within limits, occurred.

The other one, when on the receiving side, the activity yielding the income stops, the payment of the accounts may give much trouble so and may drive – if with a transitional character – to loss of confidence, it is necessary to think of new one so prompt from the supplier side, how they carry a load with what kind of conditions concerned, a product conveyed, you are just working is done. I saw it as these things it is reinterpreting and the development of new situations, which immediate intervention demands from both sides.

The situation of the project inside the organization into four different categories can be enumerated, the crisis got it in connection with a situation:


  • Goes on, but the realization slowed down,
  • The time of milestones changes, is proceeding about his bed invariably longer,
  • With what the changed conditions do not influence his conditions
  • Obstacles which overcome with technical devices – online space
  • His importance in the future with a level just like that, then before the epidemic situation it is accelerated
  • His importance grew in the new situation stopping
  • His realization not necessary,
  • They give him up, or it is integrated

5. Conclusion

It concerning HR research has an opinion similarly:

Summing up the effect of the epidemic onto the Hungarian economy and the examined organizations we may relate that all of them are economic, all on an organizational level considerable exposure showed the data obtained from the processed questionnaires. The protection of the workplaces was matter task state and corporate (HR). The firms provided the freedoms to this primarily in the interest of him who are you they made the working hours decrease by the wage together.

The decrease of the egress limitations and the incomes work privacy led to the development of a conflict in a number case. The wage supports of which advantage was taken by the employers. Furthermore, the employers and the credit moratorium helping the employees played a big role in the reduction of the material decline. We may find our way between the maintenance of the function of the economy and the countries getting out of the crisis with an increase because of the investments. (Poór 2021 32p.)

According to the part of the general vision already that opinion, that

  • Not anymore, you are incompletely the pre-epidemic returns period opposite the companies in connection with expectations
  • Digitalization even more vigorous success

A bigger claim appears onto the accurate planning

  • Conditions
  • Reserves
  • The opportunity of fast decisions
  • More scripts

I see this statement of mine return a greeting the HR in connection with research, which continues with the next thoughts.

The crown virus – besides the number of problems caused by it – provides an opportunity for us to prepare ourselves for similar unexpected situations ensuing in the future.

The crown virus caused the strategic investments because of sealings the firms nearly one three, the innovational projects though one fourth froze it

This partly as the part of the general reduction of costs can be interpreted. (Poór, 2021 34o.)

The basis of our research results declared that the world epidemic HR yielded the appearance of a function: the epidemic plan (workplace hygiene, health care, isolation) transformed into an area with strategic significance. This must prepare itself for the industrial operating of the elastic work management solutions on a long distance as the organization’s consequence (Poór, 2021 39o.)


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