Aims and Scope

ISSN 1849-7020 (print) 1849-7551 (online) International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development


International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development is a peer-reviewed publication devoted to research in all perspectives of innovation management and economics, including organizational, regional and country level development and advancement. The journal publishes original research which would be of advantage to academics and practitioners. The main focus of this journal is the identification and classifications of innovative solutions for enhancing and improving economic development and advancement on all levels.

International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development includes all the essential matters in its field comprising: innovation management; process, product and service innovations, green innovation, technological, organizational and marketing innovations, creativity, entrepreneurship, knowledge and technology transfers, knowledge administration, social innovations, innovation systems and systems, open innovation systems, intellectual property, technology adoption and strategy, technological and scientific advancement, knowledge economy, innovation economy, innovation policy, regional expansion, national innovation systems, international and global trade, international economics, financial economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, sustainable advancement, and economic maturity and growth.