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ISSN 1849-7020 (print) 1849-7551 (online) Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development

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The growing popularity and significance of small businesses in the economy have led to the pressing need for their management. Meanwhile, work pattern shifts and constant opportunities for technological innovation require entrepreneurs to be intrapreneurs, which might be challenging for companies. Regardless of their size, organizations cannot disregard this issue, and it is at the core of their business.

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development (JEBD) is an international peer-reviewed journal that aims to gain insight into the nature, practice and process of entrepreneurship as a vital element of economic prosperity. As a global forum, the JEBD explores and distributes concepts and experiences connected to the evolution and use of entrepreneurship. With its interdisciplinary approach, the journal attracts remarkable work in the social sciences as well as business and management. The JEBD draws in researchers and academics interested in entrepreneurship and similar areas in higher education institutes, state departments and initiatives to inspire entrepreneurial activities as well as the business people themselves.

The journal has the following as its key topics for research:

– The entrepreneur as manager of an emerging organization

– Company growth financing

– Internationalization and prosperity

– The acquisitions process of an emerging company

– Teaching entrepreneurship

– Strategic alliances

– New types of organization

– Women and entrepreneurship

– Entrepreneurial behavior in large businesses

– Strategic methods of development

– Entrepreneurship in developing countries

– Making partners in business

– Ethics, the entrepreneur and the organization

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