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Submit and publish your COVID-19 Pandemic Research Paper!

COVID-19 pandemic research has been the recent focus of the scientific community. A global challenge like the current COVID-19 pandemic can be defeated when research results are rapidly and openly shared. All stakeholders should work together – scientists, publishers, funders, policymakers, and government officials. As a result, Research Leap is conducting a search of quality research papers in the coronavirus pandemic context. We suggest submitting and publishing your COVID-19 research papers in our journals and making an impact!

Investigating coronavirus pandemic will bring valuable insights into economics, business, and management practices of organizations during these volatile times. Therefore, join us in COVID-19 pandemic research by participating in coronavirus research article submission.

Research Leap provides the latest trusted information and research articles in the coronavirus pandemic context and commentary from our scientific community.

Investigating coronavirus pandemic

We are calling for more research in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, we are currently accepting original research papers, reviews, conceptual articles and hypotheses, case studies, and other types of research papers.
To facilitate the research process, we suggest some  topic ideas that are current and unexplored:

    • Psychological health and well-being of employees during COVID-19 pandemic;
    • Investigating coronavirus pandemic impact on performance and sustainability of companies;
    • Effective remote working and collaboration during Coronavirus pandemic;
    • The role of leadership and management in new collaborative and remote work in the context of the coronavirus pandemic;
    • Impact of mass media and social media;
    • COVID-19 national economy pandemic research
    • Consumer behavior and purchasing habits and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic;
    • Unethical behavior and business practices in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic;
    • Government support and economic relief packages.

Coronavirus research article submission

We are looking forward to a collaborative effort to enrich the knowledge in the COVID-19 context. Above all, we aim to build a foundation for future initiatives and action against crises. Investigating the coronavirus pandemic will result in valuable theoretical insights, and practices for organizations. Thus, we invite you to submit the COVID-19 research paper and contribute to solving problems organizations face during the difficult times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus research article submission is possible via email editor@researchleap.com and via our submission system. aace 




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