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Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development -ISSN 2806-8661 (Online)

The growing popularity and significance of small businesses in the economy have led to their management’s pressing need. Meanwhile, work pattern shifts and constant technological innovation opportunities require entrepreneurs to be intrapreneurs, which might be challenging for companies. Regardless of their size, organizations cannot disregard this issue, and it is at the core of their business.

Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development (JEBD) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to alleviating and enhancing current knowledge management approaches to theory and practices for sustainable organizational growth. Articles published in Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development fall under the scope of organizational psychology and knowledge management studies, and they cover a broad range of topics relating to human capital and resource management in public and private enterprises, as well as implications concerning corporate and social sustainability. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development is a global platform and focal point for disseminating current and evolving knowledge on theoretical concepts and impacts of successful practices related to the continuous evolution of entrepreneurship and organizational change as new types of organizations with novel strategic processes and ethics emerge. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development research is intended for large business owners and SMEs and is committed to providing critical perspectives on new strategic methods for creating alliances, managing resources and ensuring prosperity. With its interdisciplinary approach, the journal attracts remarkable work of renewed professionals and scientists from various social sciences, psychology and organizational management fields. The Journal of Entrepreneurship and Business Development draws in researchers and academics interested in entrepreneurship and similar subjects currently employed at educational institutions, scientific institutes and state departments. We aim to develop new and provide commentary on existing initiatives to inspire entrepreneurial activities. The journal has the following as its critical topics for research: 

  The entrepreneur as manager of an emerging organization

  Company growth financing

  Internationalization and prosperity

  The acquisitions process of an emerging company

  Teaching entrepreneurship

  Strategic alliances

  New types of organization

  Women and entrepreneurship

  Entrepreneurial behaviour in large businesses

  Strategic methods of development

  Entrepreneurship in developing countries

  Making partners in business

  Ethics, the entrepreneur and the organization

  Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship

  Social innovation

  Entrepreneurship in atypical contexts (e.g. rural and remote locations, con-strained circumstances, entrepreneurship in crisis)

  Entrepreneurship in marginalized contexts (e.g. migrant, refugee and minority entrepreneurship)

  Women and entrepreneurship

  The entrepreneur and the growing company

  Entrepreneurial success

  New forms of organization

  Entrepreneurial behaviour within organizations

  Entrepreneurship in developing countries

  Ethics and entrepreneurship, including debates on illicit, informal and illegal entrepreneurship

  Social entrepreneurship

  Supporting entrepreneurship & enterprise

  Innovative business models

  Innovation and collaboration networks

  Innovation for international entrepreneurship

  User-Led innovation opportunities